Money Talk$

We’ve all heard the cliches “Money Talks” and “Money is the ultimate motivation.” When it comes to modern day slavery, these are not mere quips but instead, the driving force behind the evil of human trafficking.
In May, 2014, the International Labour Organization (ILO) released the results of a study indicating that forced labor generates profits of $150 Billion every year. A further breakdown indicates that $99 Billion was generated through forced sexual exploitation and $51 Billion was generated through forced economic exploitation, including domestic work, agricultural and other economic activities. Of those profits, nearly $46.9 Billion was generated in developed economies (such as that of the US) and the EU.
Based on these numbers, is it any wonder that human trafficking is the second fastest growing criminal enterprise. Or is it surprising that in Atlanta, a pimp nets about $33,000 each week.
Even more sobering, in light of such extraordinary profits, logic dictates that modern day slavery can not ebb or come to a natural conclusion; it will however, continue to grow with profits growing each year. This statement is not intended to stir up exaggerated hysteria in regards to the future of slavery. This sobering forecast is predicated on historical data.
In 2005, the ILO conducted a study and presented a report which indicated human trafficking generated worldwide profits of $32 Billion with approximately $15 Billion generated in developed economies and the EU. This same study was repeated less than a decade after the original study and the final report, which is referenced above, shows that in less than a decade, profits of human trafficking grew by nearly 500%. What’s even more alarming, it that this growth occurred during a time in which human trafficking awareness and prevention was also expanding.
These statistics should motivate us all the more to take aggressive action that will push back against this ever expanding and growing evil. We can push back when we each take incremental steps toward change. Such change can occur through awareness, education and ultimately action. We must move beyond awareness and take action.
For this reason, in addition to raising awareness and educating the public on the reality of human trafficking in America, the overarching goal of We Are FREE is to provide comprehensive services to survivors of trafficking at a Christ-Centered Aftercare Facility. The facility, Hebron Hills, will be located on 25 acres and services will include: Long-Term Temporary Housing, Case Management, Legal Services, Medical Care, Psychological Care, Spiritual Care, Education, Vocational Training and Job Placement.
Hebron Hills will provide more than basic physical safety to survivors of trafficking. The restoration process facilitated at Hebron Hills will equip each survivor with the ability to grow and cultivate all that is innately unique about themselves so that they can transition to an independent life where individual goals can be realized.
If the old adage is true and money does in fact talk, then it’s time for us as modern day abolitionist to use our money and resources to tell traffickers that their profits and exploitation of others will no longer be tolerated.

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